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United Real Estate’s collection of gated community properties reflects a wide range of gated communities with diverse amenities and lifestyle options. Whether you’re seeking a resort-style gated community or a quiet gated neighborhood off the beaten path, you’re sure to find the ideal gated community matching your unique requirements.

Our specialty properties website is the perfect place to preview thousands of gated community homes for sale. Explore the many types of gated communities and lifestyle properties, including gated neighborhoods, gated community villas, condominiums, luxury homes, apartments, and homes for sale across the nation.

Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

Exclusive by design, gated communities have an air of mystery, piquing the curiosity of onlookers, “What’s behind that gate?” Residents within its walls command attention from others because the neighborhood is not open to the public. Arguably, a gated community’s most valuable asset is its intangible sense of status.

Beyond the gate, you’ll experience less traffic and no thru-traffic, making the neighborhood a pedestrian-friendly and safe environment for young children and elderly, alike. As a bonus, you won’t be bothered by door-to-door solicitors. A gated community offers a peaceful respite from the harried day-to-day frustrations of the real world just outside.

Another great benefit to living in a gated community is its visual appeal. Stricter building codes, HOA guidelines, pride of ownership and a shared aesthetic are reflected throughout the community. Communities commonly offer manicured landscaping, green spaces and beautiful sightlines. The community shares the cost of grounds keeping, maintenance of community property and amenities. All these factors help increase property values over time, making a gated neighborhood property a good investment.

When you think about gated communities, security probably comes to mind. Although not crime-proof, gated communities do deter criminals. Whether the entrance is staffed with security personnel, equipped with security cameras, or controlled by a keypad, a gate creates a barrier. Guest and contractor check-in procedures add another layer of security by monitoring non-residents entering the neighborhood. In 2020, the spike in violent crime in both large and small communities across the nation made gated communities more appealing.

Gated communities lend themselves to active lifestyles and community gatherings. Amenities such as clubhouses, racquet sports facilities and even golf courses are a few assets that encourage activity and interaction among neighbors. You’ll find some communities have planned events, social gatherings and special interest or fitness clubs. If you’re looking for a sense of community and like-minded neighbors, a gated community is a great place to look for your next home.

Since each gated community is unique, it pays to do your research in advance. Visit during peak traffic hours to get a sense of how long it takes to enter and exit, talk to residents and look up the gated community’s social media pages. Most importantly, work with a real estate agent experienced in listing and selling homes in the community and who is familiar with its restrictions and HOA rules.

Luxury Properties

United Real Estate’s collection of luxury properties reflects a wide range of fine homes and exceptional lifestyle properties. Whether you’re seeking a resort-style home, historic or landed property, we are your premier resource for locating the ideal luxury home matching your unique requirements.

Find a luxury home for sale that caters to your lifestyle with our luxury website’s multiple filtering options. Our search function allows you to search for specific property amenities and types, such as zero energy or beach access properties. Tour our large inventory of luxury homes for sale, including mansions, historic properties, villas, compounds, condominiums and townhomes.

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